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Lenovo E1 smartwatch review

Lenovo E1 smartwatch review

Lenovo E1 smartwatch review
Lenovo E1 smartwatch review

Lenovo E1 smartwatch, which is one of the best budget smartwatches, but it is not a perfect product, but it can be perfect for you as long as you know what you are getting.

Lenovo E1 Smartwatch review.

In the box, you will get a link to download the app, the watch itself, the fantastic charging cable, and the user manual.

Now coming to the build and design of the Lenovo E1, I am a little surprised by how premium it looks. Lenovo E1 smartwatch doesn't look like a budget smartwatch. The casing is high-quality metal, and while the shape may look very similar to Apple Watch, there isn't much room to get creative with a rounded rectangle. 

The strap also looks and feels high quality, and you can remove it quickly with the quick release pins and replace them with many available options.

The strap is also very comfortable, and the design with some holes all around, too, lets your skin breathe, so even though your wrist may sweat a little when you're out in the sun, it's surprisingly wearable for long durations.

Coming to the screen, you have a 1.3 inch TFT screen with a 240x240 resolution, and the screen looks very sharp with its 255 Pixels per inch, even when you get reasonably close to it. The display has a decent size, and it's effortless to read, and the watch also allows you to read notifications from your phone, including phone calls, including phone calls that you can also reject, and all that is very readable
on this display.
Lenovo E1 smartwatch review
Lenovo E1 smartwatch review

The watch also has a handy notification. The LED lets you see if you have an unread the message, which isn't available with the fitness bands. The screen brightness you can be controlled, but I have to keep it on maximum as it isn't very bright for outdoors, but the sunlight visibility on this screen is surprisingly good.

Now, this screen isn't OLED, so the blacks aren't as dark as something like a Mi Band, but it is not very noticeable.
The colors on the screen aren't very saturated, but I don't mind that.

The watch offers your typical fitness features so that you can track your steps, calories, and distance. It has a heart rate sensor at back so you can measure and keep track of it in the Lenovo app, and you can also enable inactivity reminders so it will tell you to stand up if you're sitting for too long. It allows you to measure the timing of your workouts, and it has some other extras like stopwatch, and you can set alarms in the app and also use it to find the watch with its energetic vibration.

You also have a camera shutter control which lets you take pictures which can be very useful and you can also check out the weather in your city.

Now coming on the controls, this is going to be the most controversial part about this watch. when you even though this may look like a touchscreen, it doesn't touch-sensitive, and all you have is one single capacitive button to control everything, so the way it works is that you press it once to go to the next item in the menu and hold it to select that.

It works better than you would expect, and the added advantage is that the screen doesn't get blocked and doesn't get dirty from your fingers swiping on it, and the processor inside is fast enough to move through the menus.

But the only problem is that you cannot go back with this system, so if you want to go to the previous item, you'll have to press it repeatedly and complete around to reach it. It still works well, but with options like music control, which this watch has, it's not a very convenient system to use. It would have been much better if they added one single capacitive button and make going back, or selecting an item possible with it.

Lenovo E1 smartwatch review
Lenovo E1 smartwatch review
The watch does wake up when you raise your wrist, and it works well, so that's excellent, and you can also wake it up with the capacitive button on the front. The watch faces can also be customized, and one great feature that this watch has is that you can select your image and customize the options on it and use it as a watch face. This function makes it fun to customize your watch.

The battery life-the battery is180 mAh; it should last you for around ten days.the watch uses a Bluetooth 4.0; this version of Bluetooth connection needs a shallow energy connection.

 I am extremely impressed by charging the method that Lenovo is using at this price point. You have a magnetic charging attachment that sticks instantly to the back of the watch and allows you to charge it like one of the more expensive smartwatches, and this is way better than the way Mi Bands and Honor Bands charge.

The watch also has an IP67 rating, so you don't have to worry about water damage. So overall, at the price of around 40 US dollars or 3000 Indian Rs. I think that the Lenovo E1 watch is worth it.

Now my use for a smartwatch is to check the time, check my notifications and messages, and the only health option I find relevant Is the step count. So this watch works well in all those areas. If I compare it with Mi Band or Honor Band, I think that if you don't need features like an excellent music control interface, and you don't mind the single button control, this can be a better choice. It also offers some extras like the camera shutter button.

but we need the form factor more than the fitness bands, because it looks and feels like a premium product, and offers a much bigger and usable screen to read your notifications, and the charging method is also excellent.

So I'll have links to buy this smartwatch in the article, let me know your thoughts about it in the comments section below.

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Best fitness band under 2000

Best fitness band under 2000

Today we talk about the best fitness band under 2000 rs. Freinds These days everyone needs a fitness band for their intelligent life.but some quality fitness bands price very high all people can't afford that price range. So I decided to select the best fitness band under 2000 rs that everyone provides that. I will give you a list of best fitness bands under the 2000 rs and provide full details of the fitness bands.

1.Mi Band 4
2.Mi Band 3
3.Honor Band 5
4.Honor Band 4
5.Fastrack Reflex 2.0
6.Huawei ERS-B19
7.Zebronics Fit 500
8.Zebronics Fit 550
9.Honor Band 3E
10.Honor band 3

Mi Band 4 review

Best fitness band under 2000
Best fitness band under 2000

Xiaomi recently launched Mi band 4 in India. Xiaomi Introduced a slightly different product in India than its predecessor.mi band 4 had distinct features comparatively Mi band 3. Now let's take a closer look at the design. For Mi Band 4, it still adopts a strap plus a separate body; you have to press hard into the strap, it feels tight and solid. The band size of the Mi Band 4 is almost the same as Mi Band 3, but as you can see, Mi Band, 4 seems less rounded.


Also, it has moved the charging connector from the bottom of Mi Band 3 to the back of Mi Band 4 because of the inner structure changing. Thus it comes with a charging socket instead of a charging cable like on previous Mi Band series.

The mic placement is right on the corner of the MI Band 4 here; it's an ingenious design; your wrist won't stifle it if you ask me how does it feel when wearing the Mi Band 4, well, almost the same as Mi Band 3.

So, what's new? Let's get inside of the Mi Band 4. One of the most significant changes in the display. Its a 2.5D glass with 0.95 inches, 240×120 resolution AMOLED color screen, Whether the resolution or display area is almost doubled compared to Mi Band 3.

The user interface on the Mi Band 4 is simple Under the Home interface Swipe left and right to enter the shortcut panel, Slide down and up to open the function menu
Click in to begin the secondary classification As for messages, it shows twice more text than Mi Band 3, on one panel with You can read the full text by just scrolling down, that's good! The overall interaction is intuitive, feels accurate, and responsive.

Now battery, the band 4 has a 135 mAh battery, the official website shows that the standard Mi Band 4 version has 20 days of battery life, for NFC version 15 days. After our test, I'm delighted with that. Also, it has a better chip-set and sensor, the Bluetooth 5.0 For the waterproof rating; it's 5ATM the same as Mi Band 3.

So to conclude, is Mi Band 4 a massive upgrade to its predecessor? 
The answer is yes for its bigger 2.5D glass with AMOLED color screen, the upgrade of the more accurate sensor, which makes your sports recording more precise and versatile.

Mi Band 3

Best fitness band under 2000
Best fitness band under 2000

The Mi Band has always made the duration of the battery one of his flagships, even version 1 with a single one. The charge went on 50/60 days.  But if you decide to take this, prepare yourself to recharge it more often. Or rather, it depends, as the duration varies very much depending on how often you will measure the beat: through the app, which we'll see in a moment, in fact, you can set one measurement every minute, every 10 minutes, Every 30 or only at night. Or disable it.
I kept it during the test period mostly every 30 minutes and, with that frequency, the battery drops from 100 to 0 in 10-12 days;turning it off completely, the difference in positive you see and at that point the Mi Band loses about 4% a day, going on to last Almost a month on a single  charge. If you put Measuring every minute well, don't put it on, unless you're ready to recharge it often. Very often.

It'sits up to you; in any case, it's good that the heart rate monitor is there but still more so that it is infinitely customizable in to adapt to anyone's needs. For the rest, the display is a 0.78" OLED decidedly bright compared to more models cheap, even if under direct light
of the sun, you will struggle to read a little.

As in version 2, there is a button touch, but the significant addition is the fact that the whole screen is touch, and this allows us to check the tracker very much More intuitive and faster. Of course, the functions are the classic ones that anyone is familiar with it with a smart band he knows perfectly, but the touch makes the navigation more fluid and improves the user experience a lot.

user experience:-two additions excellent is the chance to see the weather and to change the initial interface: for now, you can only choose between three templates, but maybe in the future, Xiaomi will add it

One of the most positive notes as in the years Xiaomi has improved a lot. In addition to the sections with measurements, the statistics on distance traveled, calories burned, deep and light sleep and heartbeats, which as you can see are a lot in-depth, there is one dedicated to
activity and above all one dedicated to device customization by which you can choose to view band calls and notifications, decide which apps can send you alerts,
if you activate the tracker quickly by turning the wrist if you add a lock screen and several small things that contribute to make it a complete device.

Some features, in my opinion, are enough useless. Why read the notifications on the device of this kind is very uncomfortable. In many cases, among other things, compatibility with the various applications leaves a little to be desired, but others can come back Comfortable. 

An example? Receive a call, but you have the phone in your pocket, on the Mi Band you can preview the number and decide whether to respond or reject it with a prolonged touch. Very useful.
Overall in budget 2000, it's good.

Honor band 5 

Best fitness band under 2000
Best fitness band under 2000

honor band 5 the new smart honor band as well as Huawei that goes to contrast the I band 4 of Xiaomi compared to counterpart has a thinner display with more squared edges, and therefore its results much cheaper by entering the detail has a 0.95-inch display AMOLED type with a brightness very bright visible too under the direct sunlight in the center of the display, there is a form button circular that serves to arrive directly to the main screen if we rotate the smart band.

we can see that in the inner part some gods sensors are used to monitor the heart rate and also to control the amount of oxygen present in our blood instead at the end, there are points contact points needed for recharging of the device the navigation of the smart band 5 is straightforward it will be enough for you, in fact, swipe towards up or down to navigate in the various categories and instead for go back you will need a swipe from left to right, or it will be enough to press the central button to get to directly to the home.

we have the pedometer that if we enter within the application, we can read some useful information like for example, the distance we have performed the calories we burned for how many hours we are even left sitting and exceeding 12 hours on the device will start to vibrate with one a short animation that will entice us to get up and stretch for a while as anticipated in the introduction we have the ability to monitor the heart rate to do this, we must wear our honor band 5 tighten it up enough and so start the application if instead, we want to monitor the oxygen percentage our blood we need to begin the application underlying that besides giving us the oxygen percentage will provide us any way also heart rate

Through the app Huawei health, the honor band 5 also signals incoming calls. Unfortunately, we cannot respond to the call we can only and close the call making the swipe from below upward continuing in the menu, we can see the
Total hours of sleep we have carried out and through the health application installable on android or ios we can have a more detailed picture of the phases of our sleep of which stages of deep sleep stages of sleep light stages of sleep and all REM times that we interrupt our sleep further on we will also analyze the application in the detail if we go down again in the menu let's see the workout app where
you can make full of training that is the outdoor course
run inside walk outdoors walk inside pendant born inside elliptical rowing machine swimming indoors and free exercise through the messages section; we can read not only the incoming text messages directly on our Smartphone but thanks to the possible customization
through the health app, we will install on our Smartphone
we will receive all notifications directly on our honor band 5 as it happens in the Smartphone too on the honor band 5 there is the possibility of delete all notifications received

on another we have the option of setting a timer to start the stopwatch in the faces section is can customize the background of our smart band and through Huawei health application is possible to download new ones and install them directly from the app another function really a lot interesting that we find already in the honor band 5 is the find phone function that in case you don't see your phone click on I find the phone is your phone will start ringing with an entry that will say I'm here.

among the added features in the last firmware update is the possibility of being added manage multimedia applications therefore directly from your wrist you can pause or move on or backtrack or even increase the volume of applications multimedia such as youtube Spotify or the music application of your Smartphone.

Honor Band 4

Best fitness band under 2000
Best fitness band under 2000

If you are looking meager price with almost the same feature, then go with honor band 4; in honor band 4 you can use 2 modes, one is wristwear mode another one is footwear mode.

you can wear the band on your shoes and switch to foot mode to access the professional running form monitoring services, honor band 4 running supports and monitors 7 running form data: cadence, step length, ground contact time, foot strike pattern, landing impact, eversion excursion, and swing angle. 

Huawei Health App with this, you will get good battery backup in honor band 5.it comes up with good Battery life:- lasts up to 14 days on a single charge,21 days standby time. Other then this, it supports sleep monitoring, smart reminder, daily activity tracker. overall this superb band choice

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Fitbit Versa 2 review

Fitbit Versa 2 review

Fitbit Versa 2 review
Fitbit Versa 2 review

  Today I'm going to review the Fitbit Versa 2- which you might be thinking that. It looks a lot like the Apple watch for, and that's because it does  I Mean, they look different. They look very similar. They're alike, but they're not the same now.
 I am an Apple watch user, So I'm going to be making a comparison between the two in this article. You want to know the difference between the two. 

For the content, you know, so let's get started and find out if the Fitbit Versa 2- is a watch for you.

Alexa on the wrist

So some of the new features that Fitbit is pushing with the Versa to include a new paid membership. The battery that will last up to five days on a single charge you sleeping features and the ability to summon Alexa on-the-go Which I have my reservations about Alexa.

I am having trouble understanding right now. Alexa on the watch to figure out if having the assistant on your wrist is Worth it. You can use Alexa just one try, and it's "Alexa hey Alexa.so it gave a pretty good Accurate answer.

Starbucks within the neighborhood, That's good to know The thing is that you can't select unlike the Apple watch You can't choose the Starbucks that you want to go to and kind of get real-time directions within the watch

Let's try one more question like "Hey Alexa, what's the meaning of life?" so it gives you a beautiful little quote about life.

Alexa also control smart home devices

Alexa can also control smart home devices such as light bowls. Great, so that's one thing that I don't like about the Alexa is that the Fitbit app has to be running in the background? It too works, which is kind of inconvenient because you can't just say hey Alexa. I need to get out of this place Where's the nearest subway? It could also dictate text messages. But only if you have an Android smartphone
Fitbit Versa 2 review
Fitbit Versa 2 review

Sleep feature

Now the features I want to talk about are the sleep features Fitbit now gives you a sleep score, which helps you gauge how much sleep you're getting at night; it also gives you insight on your sleep quality. Including how much rest you're getting and how many times you're waking up during the night for the next week and a half.

But you don't need a Versa to get a sleep score Fitbit says that this feature will be you to all of its products.

That has a heart rate monitor 

There's also a blood oxygen sensor that tracks breathing irregularities throughout the night to help you determine you have sleep apnea or any other issues with your breathing. The sleeping score is pretty accurate because it breaks down Everything from hours you slept times. You woke up how much movement you had throughout the night? Stages of sleep, and it doesn't offer one clear solution as to what you should do. I mean it does give you tips.

It also gives you notifications on when you should head to bed according to how much sleep you want to get. Update this is all within the app. The app won't know have you been drinking smoking if you have children or you're sick?
It won't know all of these factors that might be interrupting your sleep.

it just Paints the big picture so you could analyze what's wrong with your sleeping habits and then fix them now.

One cool thing that Fitbit said it's working on is smart
Wake a feature that will track your sleeping cycles So it can wake you up during your light sleep cycle and not drag you out of deep sleep, which makes you feel tired and angry in the morning. Unfortunately, this feature is not out yet. It's going to be out at the end of 2019

it doesn't have the Smart Week feature yet It sucks because it's wanted to try that, but in the meantime, I could use the smarter ones who gently wake you up at the time you want it to by vibrating softly on your wrist

So you'll just kind of sense these palpitations on your wrist, and It'll slowly wake you up some no, I'm going to try that. All right, so I tried the smart alarm. I Ignored it and did not wake me up. It did not work. So hopefully, this Martinique feature will work eventually when it arrives.


Now you're probably thinking that wearing the watch to bed is a fast-track way to kill your battery life and you'd be right because with The Apple watch for you can't do that
It will only last you up to 18 hours before you have to charge it again

That's not the case with this watch Fitbit claims. It will last up to five days on a single charge, and I can admit that. It's pretty darn close to the truth.

I think that it's clean it lasting up to five days is accurate in a sense, that it all depends on use, so if you are always listening to music or using the live coach here or If you have the always-on display feature Then the battery is going to run out quicker. 

Here's the thing though that I really really like is that it charges Superfast. So within 20 minutes, you will have an 80% charge at least, So you don't have to sacrifice.

So it is perfect about tracking all your data and keeping it within something that the Apple Watch doesn't do.
Because you have to download a third-party app to track your sleeping and then another one to track your water intake your calorie intake And the Fitbit app does it all now?

Paid membership for the workout

 Let's move on to the paid membership I mentioned called Fitbit premium Which built upon all the great features that you already love from this SmartWatch for $10 a month or $80 a year?

Fitbit will give you unique Workouts that are tailored to your fitness goals or pair you up with a fitness or wellness coach that will guide you through your weight loss eating habits and even weight training. Still, you don't need to get Fitbit premium to have access to a coach. There is an option within the watch that gives you access to quick workout routines that are free.

Now another super cool thing that Fitbit offers that the Apple watch doesn't. Is a coach so there is a coach living in your wrist, and it helps you with super quick workouts like a 10-minute ab workout or 15-minute chest routine there's also a Full-body seven-minute workout, and it shows you on screen what you should be doing there are little people in there that are doing positions, and It gives you times, and I think that's really nice for when you're on the go, and you don't have access to a gym You just put on you know, one of these workouts and you get your and your blood running

And now let's talk about some Aesthetic features the Versa to now only has one button on the left and an AMOLED screen Which if it means anything to you, that's deeper blacks and brighter colors.

 It's also water-resistant. So if you get it wet or you go for a swim, the watch will be perfectly fine. It also continues to have the touchable strap so you can make the watch your own I must say though that the mechanism that Fitbit uses to change the straps is one of the most complicated on this earth

So here's one thing I've never liked about the Fitbit, and it's the way you take-off of the bends. It's complicated
I mean taking them off is easy Or more straightforward than putting them on and this beautiful green band that I would love to use
But it's Hah, I get it one of them no need the other it argues
it's more challenging to put these on than opening a childproof pill bottle

No one comes to the price of Fitbit Versa 2 - will cost you
199 dollars which are half the price of the Apple watch series 4 which starts at three hundred and 49 dollars

There's also a special edition Versa - that costs two hundred and thirty dollars, and it includes a 90 day trial to Fitbit Premium and two additional watch straps now when it comes to deciding between the two smartwatches I'd say price is Definitely a factor to consider, but it also depends on what you're looking for 


if you want a full functioning SmartWatch, They got the Apple watch series for if you want a perfect fitness tracker Then the Versa - is the one for you as for me

if I ever wanted to go on a fitness or health journey or better track my sleeping habits
then I pick the Fitbit Versa -

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Motiv Fitness Ring

Motiv Fitness Ring

Motiv Fitness Ring
Motiv Fitness Ring

Using technology to learn about your health, everyone wants a smartwatch or even a fitness band. Fortunately, it's 2019, so someone figured out how to wrap that technology around your finger.

Motiv Ring. When I first see this Ring at the CES launching event, it was so small, that I thought it was a show-floor dummy. It's hard to believe there's
any technology in here, let alone a battery big enough to power it.

Most of that is invisible. The accelerometer is internal, and the optical heart-rate sensor faces your finger when being worn.

So the only evidence this is more than a regular ring
is a single LED, which is usually off. The whole package is encased in a titanium outer shell rated waterproof to five atmospheres.

If I had to find one complaint about the hardware, it's that, I guess, it's a little wide; otherwise, it's as refined as it gets. To put that hardware to use, you need to fire up the Motiv app.

Motiv Fitness Ring
Motiv Fitness Ring

Instead of just counting your steps, the app blends that data with the continuous heart-rate tracking to get any info of how many active minutes you log during the day.

The American Heart Association recommends about 30 active minutes a day, five days out of the week. The app periodically gives you cards, letting you know how close you are to hitting that goal, or if it needs you to confirm that it's an activity it tracked was correct, it'll throw up a card for that, too. The Ring syncs with your phone automatically via Bluetooth, and if you want, you can force sync.

by spinning it around on your finger three times, which is quite fun. Also, because the Ring is so small and light, it's a pretty great sleep tracker. I wore it alongside a Fitbit Ionic for my three-day review period, and each morning I enjoyed checking each one to see how well I'd slept, quantified by my resting heart rate and how much I'd moved during the night. Two out of two trackers agree: I need more sleep. 
Motiv Fitness Ring
Motiv Fitness Ring

Since I brought up the competition, Motiv does lag behind in features. Fitbit offers more data about your health at almost every level; it's backed up by a massive community of users, and it lets you track your stats in realtime. Wearable's review of the Motiv Ring points out.

Again there aren't many hardware downsides, but the Ring is reportedly prone to scratches on the finish, and it doesn't last as long as many fitness bands. Motiv quotes three days per charge, which my unit fell just two hours. I do have to say that's pretty impressive, considering how tiny this battery is. A recharge takes 80 minutes, using an intelligent and small USB charger. It's tough to see any shortcomings in a device that costs 200 bucks,
but Motiv does have some overhead here. 

Every buyer first gets a sizing kit in the mail to match Ring to finger, and each Ring also comes with two chargers: one for
Home and one for your keychain. More to the point, the Motiv Ring packs the same technology as some fitness bands in a much smaller prettier package. If you wear a fitness band or a smartwatch already, you'll probably find this redundant. Still, if you don't wear one of those, maybe because they're too bulky or flashy, the Motiv Ring is the fitness tracker you've been waiting for, perhaps just a glimpse into the future of many more connected wearable devices.

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Top Fitness trackers

Top Fitness bands

Hi, in this article, we compare the currently
few best fitness trackers. Tested by the most honest critics - the Customers themselves.

1.Cheap fitness trackers under 3000 Rs
2.Good fitness tracker between 3000 Rs - 6000 Rs
3.High-quality fitness tracker over 6000 Rs

The fitness bracelets have different levels

the waterproofness: IP67 means sweat, rain, and splash-proof IP68 means it is suitable for showering And with bands up to "5 ATM," you can go swimming and dive up to 50m. How waterproof the selected fitness tracker

Cheap fitness trackers

Fitness Tracker by Xiaomi: Mi Band 3

Top Fitness bands
Top Fitness bands

The Mi Band 3 That's what satisfied customers wrote:
- By far, the best fitness bracelet under 50 €!

- It is very light and falls while also wearing almost not on.

- Beautiful design, in my opinion, the most beautiful"Band" in the market.

- The official app is good and offers much useful information.

- The Fitness Tracker has over 200 5-stars Reviews on Amazon.

caused problems for customers:

- Most of the issues mentioned are that the pulse measurement is inaccurate and that it is partial massive connection problems.

The conclusion:

Great value for money. Customers are excited about what they do with the Get band 3 for their money.

Fitness Tracker App Comparison:

What sports the fitness bracelets in Be able to track the combination with the apps, I show you after every band presented. Because there is hardly complete information on the internet, I have the apps installed and even tested.

The Mi Fit App: Here can not be different between Sports are recorded - recorded only the time, the pulse and the
consumed calories.

Willful's fitness bracelet

Top Fitness bands
Top Fitness bands

These are its advantages:

- The bracelet was on some fitness trackers Tests of the test winner in the low price range.
- Someone wrote: The many features of Fitness wristbands made me feel positive surprised.
- The craft is good. The displayed vital signs are reliable, and the wearing comfort can also be seen
to let.
- For a customer, the long-term test over six months passed. It's a good fitness watch for a fair price. The following

disadvantages :

- Some complained that the heart rate monitor not precisely, and the number of steps entirely is wrong.

The conclusion:
It has over 180 5-star ratings. This fitness bracelet by Willful is in the lower price range with the front here!
The VeryFitPro app offers you 14 training modes: Namely, running, jogging, cycling, hiking, Fitness, Treadmill, basketball, Tennis, Rock Climbing, Badminton, dynamic training, yoga, football, and dance.

The fitness bracelet from YAMAY.

Top Fitness bands
Top Fitness bands

That's what happy customers say:

- In the first tests, everything has flawless works, and the pulse values ​​were too right.
- The clock looks chic, will be updated regularly by the manufacturer and the included software is on top of that
Price included.
- The app is Easily connecting to the Fitness Tracker. The following did not please:
- Get the most negative reviews on the sometimes extremely inaccurate step counting.

There were also connection problems and some
Fitness bracelets are disconnected.

The conclusion: 

Most are the customers thrilled by the price-performance ratio. This bracelet also runs with the "VeryFitPro" App.

That means you also have the ones as mentioned earlier Fourteen training modes to choose from a tracker. Here you can see the essential features in a comparison table. I mark you a few striking deviations. The current prices can be found on our Website or directly at the shop.

Honor Band 4.

Top Fitness bands
Top Fitness bands

Honor is a subsidiary of Huawei. That's what customers say about fitness tracker:
- It's a lovely band, has a good one Display with a sharp presentation, so everything well readable.
- It is comfortable to wear, has a soft Band that sits firmly and stably.
- The battery life is excellent - depending on Activity one to two weeks.
- Great product, speedy delivery. In the meantime, we have covered the family with it. That did not like:
- The primary language setting is Chinese, but it adapts when you do that

Honor Band 4 for the first time with your smartphone
connect. Someone found the pulse measurement very inaccurate.

The conclusion: 

The majority holds the fitness, Bracelet for a "great device."If you like a beautiful display, here is precise.

 Huawei Band 3 Pro

Top Fitness bands
Top Fitness bands

That pleased the customers:

- It is an excellent, contemporary Design, with good to excellent quality.
- The GPS reception is unique, and I'm Connection to my jogging runs. I get Details of mileage, pulse, step quantity, consumed calories, etc.
- Great device.Has now been tested for a week and are with Satisfied with the performance for so little money.

These are the mentioned disadvantages:
- The operating instructions are not in German. N addition, some customers complained about connection breakdowns, whereby data is not synchronized could, and thus they were lost.

The conclusion:

The customers keep the price-performance ratio
for very good. Perfect for the occasional amateur athlete suitable.

On your smartphone, you need for the two fitness trackers the "Huawei Health App," and this offers you the following sports: running, walking, cycling, running on the treadmill, and swimming in the pool, like you on one here. See the screenshot of the app.

"vivosport" from Garmin

Top Fitness bands
Top Fitness bands

That's what happy customers wrote:

- Super fitness tracker for women! My wife does not turn off the clock, exactly what she always wanted as a sports watch.
- The app of Garmin is also useful; there can you can see all his data nicely. The data transfer works without problems.
- Good fit, light on the wrist, high Graphic on the phone
The disadvantages:
- Partly there were problems with the synchronization, and the GPS data is in training in the Fein pretty inaccurate. Overall, the price-performance ratio
According to most customers "good" to "very
Well".Compatible is the tracker with the "Garmin
Connect App "The adjustable sports are: running,
Cycling, walking, swimming, golf, and activities
inside the building.

Fitbit Charge 3

Top Fitness bands
Top Fitness bands

Your advantages:

- She was test winner in some fitness Tracker tests
- Satisfied customers wrote: The best tracker
We had until now. The price is entirely reasonable.
Easy to use.
- Super cool and stylish watch with great features.
Perfect day companion for a fair price.
- Works flawlessly and through the interchangeable
Bracelets are practically always a fitting one Outfit to clothes.

The following disadvantages :

- Many have synchronization issues with
the smartphone.
- There is an App Requirement, even for standard features
such as "count steps" and "heart rate measurement."
- Partially the display went after some Time is broken.
Overall, there are split opinions too the Fitbit Charge 3.
One side may be the bad reviews do not understand; the other hand is disappointed with the fitness tracker.

The trackable sports of the Fitbit App are:
Running, Walking, Cycling, Spinning, Yoga,
Stepper, elliptical, aerobics, swimming,
Circuit Training, Bootcamp, Pilates, Tennis
Martial Arts, Golf, Kickboxing, Hiking, Spinning
and the good old treadmill.

 Polar- A360

Top Fitness bands
Top Fitness bands

That's what happy customers wrote:

- Heart rate and calorie consumption roughly match the cardio equipment.
- Modern and beautiful tracker, simple Operation, and can be quick with the Connect mobile phone.
- Comprehensive training and everyday companion! He is my daily companion and motivator in terms of movement.

These disadvantages brought the bracelet with it:
- Some customers gave the fitness tracker after 1 - 1,5 years of the spirit.
- Again, there were some customers with synchronization problems on the smartphone.
- Also, here is the Polar Flow app Duty, as well as the registration at Polar itself.

The conclusion:

Also, with the Polar A360 fitness tracker is it's a tug of war between 1 and 5-star ratings.
 The Polar Flow app offers a total of over 130 sport profiles to adjust: In addition to the standards, there are sports such as Riding, Road Bike, Roller Skating, Wheelchair Race, Rowing, rugby, weight training, tennis, ballet,
Badminton, volleyball, skiing, etc.

Samsung - Gear Fit2 Pro

Top Fitness bands
Top Fitness bands

- According to some fitness tracker tests, he is with the best sports tracker.
- These advantages were what customers called: He recognizes many sports independently, is waterproof
and also lovely.
- Answering SMS, WhatsApp, and another Messenger is a default short message possible.
- I'm excited! The Gear Fit Pro motivates me through her
- Various beautiful colors are adjustable.

These disadvantages :

- Many complained about the quality of the bracelet, and the battery lasts in comparison to other fitness trackers in the same price range, only a short time.
- The pedometer should be partially inaccurate.

The conclusion:

Over 200 5-star reviews on Amazon. But also in this fitness tracker split.

the opinions.

Also, with the Samsung Health App, you have a lot many sports to choose from the app. During my research, I noticed that Samsung updates very customer-oriented performs. Where games were lacking recently, These on customer requests added.

By now you can do almost any sport choose. In addition to the standards, I want you to follow call: American Football, badminton, Ballet, Bench Press, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, mountaineering,
Archery, Bowling, Boxing, Cricket, Hang Gliding, Ice hockey, ice skating, ice dancing, frisbee, golf, Inline skating, kayaking, horseback riding, skiing, snowboarding, Dancing, Pilates, Deadlift and much more.

Which fitness tracker is suitable for you?
If you do not care what your Data happens, a favorable fitness range tracker. The privacy statements are partial spongy written and partly not at all to translate from Chinese. What exactly your record, including statistics used or even resold to third parties, is here is pretty unclear.

- If you track, a particular sport would like to offer you a high-quality Tracker.
(The Samsung Health was perfect for web app loved. There you can choose whether you are personal Want to receive advertising, and what about your data happens.)

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Inside story of fitness tracker

Inside story of fitness tracker

Inside story of fitness tracker
Inside story of fitness tracker
fitness trackers, a lot of visitors will be already ready or you are planning to buy a new fitness tracker purchase. But have you ever wondered what happens inside that small fitness device that can track your fitness? Today you keep reading this article further, and I am going to tell you about it.

Broader way

This fitness tracker is very much like your smartphone. Where these necessary components come out of the beans to a large extent, however, the fitness tracker also has some specially-armed hardware that will not be on your phone. Means, even if your phone is worth 50000, but  this small such a thing that 5000

The fitness tracker has to be advanced many times because fitness tracker less is only to improve your fitness. How many steps did you take or how many times slept when you woke up, what time did you work, What was the heart rate that your smartphone might not know and tell you?

Who is a Fitness tracker

Inside story of fitness tracker
Inside story of fitness tracker
So here who are fitness trackers, those necessary who have components are an accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS, etc.?

GPS, however, is optional, which is not available in cheap ones. But if you have GPS, then later you can track how much you ran, where did you run, If you have done any of your activities, then who is in your position can mark it, but here it is basic.

That is the accelerometer with the help of which the fitness tracker tells how many steps you have taken. Now you can do this less with your smartphone, but technically you can tie your smartphone on your wrist. Only if you keep this job will be better if the phone is in your pocket, then who moves on the fold.

The fitness tracker is not such an accurate address; other than that, it is not necessary when you are walking, then the phone is in your hands. But if you have to wear a fitness tracker, then with the help of the accelerometer, we in no small extent, Trying to achieve a completely accurate means now trying to find 

But still the error remains, but always with the help of the accelerometer, we find out how many steps we have taken comes later where

 there is a heart rate  monitor, it is mostly in the light of the light where it is through your Vance
After leaving, the reflective hock is back through which we know what the heart rate is.

Different features

Inside story of fitness tracker
Inside story of fitness tracker
Apart from this, some are some advanced personnel; there you also have some different options. For heart rate,  know that due to the impedance of your skin, it is known that your body, What is blood flow that is seen by the user on the treadmill, metal plates When you hold a manner, the option also comes out.

Apart from that,  here you get some fantastic trackers. In case of capabilities motion sensing, where, with the help of an accelerometer, a gyroscope, It tells you which type of activity you are doing, i.e., whether you are walking or you are running
or are you swimming or, are you doing some other kind of business
So the fitness tracker automatically locks all data in-app, besides here.

The fitness tracker is a tracker, he tells you how much you slept, how you slept when you were in a deep sleep when you were asleep, And this is the work of, with the help of the data of all these sensors, where they see that your, How long has the body been in which position, how many  were you moving freely on your own
Whether or not you were doing or if you are sitting on the Idol for example;-1 hour or half an hour, then that will give you Warne
Will you do not turn around too late, then you wake up and come for a walk, then this  is a new item means what is censor the same here, here we see how we were able to use and also here, it tells you how many calories you have done right now, but this data is also a little twenty-twenty like the steps.

How they will work

First of all, you have to upload your data, what is your age? What is your height? What is your weight? After that, what activity did you carry for how long was your heart rate at that time? How soon will it complete, then these  will tell you accordingly to take an estimate
Today you burn so many calories, or together you enter manually how much food you have eaten, You drank a glass of milk, ate two chapattis, ate a bowl of rice after that see that it was good to have so many calories. So what was the calorie input? How many calories did you burn, so what you are getting fit or not Meaning things tell you to some extent, it gives guidance in front of you that your system is running like this


But still, these things are not accurate at all.its upgrading daily. Fitness tracker manufacturers also implementing new technology.in the future, it's getting better than better.
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7 biggest problems of MI band 4

7 most significant problems of mi band 4

7 most significant problems of mi band 4
problems of MI band 4
I am using MI band 4 thoroughly since last 15 days
based on that experience, I am going to tell the issues.

So some of its problems which are software-oriented might get fixed by, then so consider this fact while reading this article. and the last important thing before we start this
I have experienced these problems personally.

still with all these problems, I can say for sure that this is the best fitness band that you can buy in the current market
under the Rs.3000 price segment, and I recommend this.


  The first problem is the screen ON time

when you activate this MI band 4 it remains ON only for 5 seconds and then it automatically goes off, and the problem is that there's NO option to set it its set by default to 5 secs there's no option from band neither is there any option from application so this is one of the significant problems which obviously is a software glitch hopefully, it's fixed soon

The second problem is the watch faces.

the amount of watch faces that you get in this MI band 4
is much more compared to any fitness band in the range
You get over 50 watch faces in it, but the problem is
the movement you sync watch faces in it you can see the local section of this banding problem is, you don't have an option to access all the watches from the band itself you just get options of up to 4 watch faces to select from the band 3 out of those 4 watches in band are default only the 4th watch faces is one that you sync from band recently.so this is also a software glitch and according to me is the biggest problem of all reason being, you get so many watch faces,
but you can't explore them all from the band.

3rd issue is with sleep tracker

you get a sleep tracking, but there's NO separate sleep tracking Tab in the band, for now, you shall have to connect the band via app to check the data.there's a problem in it too 1st, its not very accurate its not recording the awake time in between.band is considering it as light sleep instead plus the bed and wakeup time is not 100% accurate, so there's an accuracy issue here and the 2nd thing is it doesn't have feature to track the daytime sleep yet honor band 4 had this feature since last year

4th problem is related to heart rate sensor

7 most significant problems of mi band 4
problems of MI band 4
this band is released in 2019, but you don't get intelligent HR sensor in it yet you can see, I have set it to 24hr  monitoring mode, and you can see even when I'm not wearing it, band still tries to records in comparison, in Samsung galaxy fit e,honor band 4 has feature of intelligent sensing via which, when you aren't wearing the band it will sense it and won't record the reading to save the battery but its not the case with this band

5th issue is a water sensitivity issue

Its a touch screen device, so it behaves abnormally when it comes in contact with water. but this is also a Fitness band, and you get a pool swim mode in it so as soon as you take it to pool it won't be easy to access it behaves abnormally even with regular dripping over the screen it's okay as long as it's locked, but it goes crazy when unlocked and when you get it underwater then it's impossible to access this screen many users report this problem on the forum

6th is a charger issue

The charger it's completely different from the previous versions. You can't use earlier version chargers with this MI band 4, so there's interchangeability here.

The main problem with the charger is you can see here, MI band 4 has two charging pins at the bottom still you have to remove the module and plugin charger, but since I am using the honor since last 8 months, it's not the same in this case although it was designed to directly plugin.so this is a design flaw according to me

7 most significant problems of mi band 4
problems of MI band 4

7th issue is it Home button

I had reported this in honor band as well you get a  dedicated home button here, but its function is minimal
you can set it manually for any specific feature or task
when you are in any option than pressing the button brings BACK to submenu or menu instead of going back home
it already has right swipe interface to go BACK


so these were few problems that I encountered in MI band 4,
these might get fixed soon.

but if you buy this device now, then these are the problems you shall encounter if you can ignore these problems
then you can certainly buy this device

I still say that MI band 4 the best fitness band under the Rs.2500 price segment.

So that was it friends hope this article helps you.please share this post.

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