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Best fitness band under 2000

Best fitness band under 2000

Today we talk about the best fitness band under 2000 rs. Freinds These days everyone needs a fitness band for their intelligent life.but some quality fitness bands price very high all people can't afford that price range. So I decided to select the best fitness band under 2000 rs that everyone provides that. I will give you a list of best fitness bands under the 2000 rs and provide full details of the fitness bands.

1.Mi Band 4
2.Mi Band 3
3.Honor Band 5
4.Honor Band 4
5.Fastrack Reflex 2.0
6.Huawei ERS-B19
7.Zebronics Fit 500
8.Zebronics Fit 550
9.Honor Band 3E
10.Honor band 3

Mi Band 4 review

Best fitness band under 2000
Best fitness band under 2000

Xiaomi recently launched Mi band 4 in India. Xiaomi Introduced a slightly different product in India than its predecessor.mi band 4 had distinct features comparatively Mi band 3. Now let's take a closer look at the design. For Mi Band 4, it still adopts a strap plus a separate body; you have to press hard into the strap, it feels tight and solid. The band size of the Mi Band 4 is almost the same as Mi Band 3, but as you can see, Mi Band, 4 seems less rounded.


Also, it has moved the charging connector from the bottom of Mi Band 3 to the back of Mi Band 4 because of the inner structure changing. Thus it comes with a charging socket instead of a charging cable like on previous Mi Band series.

The mic placement is right on the corner of the MI Band 4 here; it's an ingenious design; your wrist won't stifle it if you ask me how does it feel when wearing the Mi Band 4, well, almost the same as Mi Band 3.

So, what's new? Let's get inside of the Mi Band 4. One of the most significant changes in the display. Its a 2.5D glass with 0.95 inches, 240×120 resolution AMOLED color screen, Whether the resolution or display area is almost doubled compared to Mi Band 3.

The user interface on the Mi Band 4 is simple Under the Home interface Swipe left and right to enter the shortcut panel, Slide down and up to open the function menu
Click in to begin the secondary classification As for messages, it shows twice more text than Mi Band 3, on one panel with You can read the full text by just scrolling down, that's good! The overall interaction is intuitive, feels accurate, and responsive.

Now battery, the band 4 has a 135 mAh battery, the official website shows that the standard Mi Band 4 version has 20 days of battery life, for NFC version 15 days. After our test, I'm delighted with that. Also, it has a better chip-set and sensor, the Bluetooth 5.0 For the waterproof rating; it's 5ATM the same as Mi Band 3.

So to conclude, is Mi Band 4 a massive upgrade to its predecessor? 
The answer is yes for its bigger 2.5D glass with AMOLED color screen, the upgrade of the more accurate sensor, which makes your sports recording more precise and versatile.

Mi Band 3

Best fitness band under 2000
Best fitness band under 2000

The Mi Band has always made the duration of the battery one of his flagships, even version 1 with a single one. The charge went on 50/60 days.  But if you decide to take this, prepare yourself to recharge it more often. Or rather, it depends, as the duration varies very much depending on how often you will measure the beat: through the app, which we'll see in a moment, in fact, you can set one measurement every minute, every 10 minutes, Every 30 or only at night. Or disable it.
I kept it during the test period mostly every 30 minutes and, with that frequency, the battery drops from 100 to 0 in 10-12 days;turning it off completely, the difference in positive you see and at that point the Mi Band loses about 4% a day, going on to last Almost a month on a single  charge. If you put Measuring every minute well, don't put it on, unless you're ready to recharge it often. Very often.

It'sits up to you; in any case, it's good that the heart rate monitor is there but still more so that it is infinitely customizable in to adapt to anyone's needs. For the rest, the display is a 0.78" OLED decidedly bright compared to more models cheap, even if under direct light
of the sun, you will struggle to read a little.

As in version 2, there is a button touch, but the significant addition is the fact that the whole screen is touch, and this allows us to check the tracker very much More intuitive and faster. Of course, the functions are the classic ones that anyone is familiar with it with a smart band he knows perfectly, but the touch makes the navigation more fluid and improves the user experience a lot.

user experience:-two additions excellent is the chance to see the weather and to change the initial interface: for now, you can only choose between three templates, but maybe in the future, Xiaomi will add it

One of the most positive notes as in the years Xiaomi has improved a lot. In addition to the sections with measurements, the statistics on distance traveled, calories burned, deep and light sleep and heartbeats, which as you can see are a lot in-depth, there is one dedicated to
activity and above all one dedicated to device customization by which you can choose to view band calls and notifications, decide which apps can send you alerts,
if you activate the tracker quickly by turning the wrist if you add a lock screen and several small things that contribute to make it a complete device.

Some features, in my opinion, are enough useless. Why read the notifications on the device of this kind is very uncomfortable. In many cases, among other things, compatibility with the various applications leaves a little to be desired, but others can come back Comfortable. 

An example? Receive a call, but you have the phone in your pocket, on the Mi Band you can preview the number and decide whether to respond or reject it with a prolonged touch. Very useful.
Overall in budget 2000, it's good.

Honor band 5 

Best fitness band under 2000
Best fitness band under 2000

honor band 5 the new smart honor band as well as Huawei that goes to contrast the I band 4 of Xiaomi compared to counterpart has a thinner display with more squared edges, and therefore its results much cheaper by entering the detail has a 0.95-inch display AMOLED type with a brightness very bright visible too under the direct sunlight in the center of the display, there is a form button circular that serves to arrive directly to the main screen if we rotate the smart band.

we can see that in the inner part some gods sensors are used to monitor the heart rate and also to control the amount of oxygen present in our blood instead at the end, there are points contact points needed for recharging of the device the navigation of the smart band 5 is straightforward it will be enough for you, in fact, swipe towards up or down to navigate in the various categories and instead for go back you will need a swipe from left to right, or it will be enough to press the central button to get to directly to the home.

we have the pedometer that if we enter within the application, we can read some useful information like for example, the distance we have performed the calories we burned for how many hours we are even left sitting and exceeding 12 hours on the device will start to vibrate with one a short animation that will entice us to get up and stretch for a while as anticipated in the introduction we have the ability to monitor the heart rate to do this, we must wear our honor band 5 tighten it up enough and so start the application if instead, we want to monitor the oxygen percentage our blood we need to begin the application underlying that besides giving us the oxygen percentage will provide us any way also heart rate

Through the app Huawei health, the honor band 5 also signals incoming calls. Unfortunately, we cannot respond to the call we can only and close the call making the swipe from below upward continuing in the menu, we can see the
Total hours of sleep we have carried out and through the health application installable on android or ios we can have a more detailed picture of the phases of our sleep of which stages of deep sleep stages of sleep light stages of sleep and all REM times that we interrupt our sleep further on we will also analyze the application in the detail if we go down again in the menu let's see the workout app where
you can make full of training that is the outdoor course
run inside walk outdoors walk inside pendant born inside elliptical rowing machine swimming indoors and free exercise through the messages section; we can read not only the incoming text messages directly on our Smartphone but thanks to the possible customization
through the health app, we will install on our Smartphone
we will receive all notifications directly on our honor band 5 as it happens in the Smartphone too on the honor band 5 there is the possibility of delete all notifications received

on another we have the option of setting a timer to start the stopwatch in the faces section is can customize the background of our smart band and through Huawei health application is possible to download new ones and install them directly from the app another function really a lot interesting that we find already in the honor band 5 is the find phone function that in case you don't see your phone click on I find the phone is your phone will start ringing with an entry that will say I'm here.

among the added features in the last firmware update is the possibility of being added manage multimedia applications therefore directly from your wrist you can pause or move on or backtrack or even increase the volume of applications multimedia such as youtube Spotify or the music application of your Smartphone.

Honor Band 4

Best fitness band under 2000
Best fitness band under 2000

If you are looking meager price with almost the same feature, then go with honor band 4; in honor band 4 you can use 2 modes, one is wristwear mode another one is footwear mode.

you can wear the band on your shoes and switch to foot mode to access the professional running form monitoring services, honor band 4 running supports and monitors 7 running form data: cadence, step length, ground contact time, foot strike pattern, landing impact, eversion excursion, and swing angle. 

Huawei Health App with this, you will get good battery backup in honor band comes up with good Battery life:- lasts up to 14 days on a single charge,21 days standby time. Other then this, it supports sleep monitoring, smart reminder, daily activity tracker. overall this superb band choice