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Fitbit Versa 2 review

Fitbit Versa 2 review

Fitbit Versa 2 review
Fitbit Versa 2 review

  Today I'm going to review the Fitbit Versa 2- which you might be thinking that. It looks a lot like the Apple watch for, and that's because it does  I Mean, they look different. They look very similar. They're alike, but they're not the same now.
 I am an Apple watch user, So I'm going to be making a comparison between the two in this article. You want to know the difference between the two. 

For the content, you know, so let's get started and find out if the Fitbit Versa 2- is a watch for you.

Alexa on the wrist

So some of the new features that Fitbit is pushing with the Versa to include a new paid membership. The battery that will last up to five days on a single charge you sleeping features and the ability to summon Alexa on-the-go Which I have my reservations about Alexa.

I am having trouble understanding right now. Alexa on the watch to figure out if having the assistant on your wrist is Worth it. You can use Alexa just one try, and it's "Alexa hey it gave a pretty good Accurate answer.

Starbucks within the neighborhood, That's good to know The thing is that you can't select unlike the Apple watch You can't choose the Starbucks that you want to go to and kind of get real-time directions within the watch

Let's try one more question like "Hey Alexa, what's the meaning of life?" so it gives you a beautiful little quote about life.

Alexa also control smart home devices

Alexa can also control smart home devices such as light bowls. Great, so that's one thing that I don't like about the Alexa is that the Fitbit app has to be running in the background? It too works, which is kind of inconvenient because you can't just say hey Alexa. I need to get out of this place Where's the nearest subway? It could also dictate text messages. But only if you have an Android smartphone
Fitbit Versa 2 review
Fitbit Versa 2 review

Sleep feature

Now the features I want to talk about are the sleep features Fitbit now gives you a sleep score, which helps you gauge how much sleep you're getting at night; it also gives you insight on your sleep quality. Including how much rest you're getting and how many times you're waking up during the night for the next week and a half.

But you don't need a Versa to get a sleep score Fitbit says that this feature will be you to all of its products.

That has a heart rate monitor 

There's also a blood oxygen sensor that tracks breathing irregularities throughout the night to help you determine you have sleep apnea or any other issues with your breathing. The sleeping score is pretty accurate because it breaks down Everything from hours you slept times. You woke up how much movement you had throughout the night? Stages of sleep, and it doesn't offer one clear solution as to what you should do. I mean it does give you tips.

It also gives you notifications on when you should head to bed according to how much sleep you want to get. Update this is all within the app. The app won't know have you been drinking smoking if you have children or you're sick?
It won't know all of these factors that might be interrupting your sleep.

it just Paints the big picture so you could analyze what's wrong with your sleeping habits and then fix them now.

One cool thing that Fitbit said it's working on is smart
Wake a feature that will track your sleeping cycles So it can wake you up during your light sleep cycle and not drag you out of deep sleep, which makes you feel tired and angry in the morning. Unfortunately, this feature is not out yet. It's going to be out at the end of 2019

it doesn't have the Smart Week feature yet It sucks because it's wanted to try that, but in the meantime, I could use the smarter ones who gently wake you up at the time you want it to by vibrating softly on your wrist

So you'll just kind of sense these palpitations on your wrist, and It'll slowly wake you up some no, I'm going to try that. All right, so I tried the smart alarm. I Ignored it and did not wake me up. It did not work. So hopefully, this Martinique feature will work eventually when it arrives.


Now you're probably thinking that wearing the watch to bed is a fast-track way to kill your battery life and you'd be right because with The Apple watch for you can't do that
It will only last you up to 18 hours before you have to charge it again

That's not the case with this watch Fitbit claims. It will last up to five days on a single charge, and I can admit that. It's pretty darn close to the truth.

I think that it's clean it lasting up to five days is accurate in a sense, that it all depends on use, so if you are always listening to music or using the live coach here or If you have the always-on display feature Then the battery is going to run out quicker. 

Here's the thing though that I really really like is that it charges Superfast. So within 20 minutes, you will have an 80% charge at least, So you don't have to sacrifice.

So it is perfect about tracking all your data and keeping it within something that the Apple Watch doesn't do.
Because you have to download a third-party app to track your sleeping and then another one to track your water intake your calorie intake And the Fitbit app does it all now?

Paid membership for the workout

 Let's move on to the paid membership I mentioned called Fitbit premium Which built upon all the great features that you already love from this SmartWatch for $10 a month or $80 a year?

Fitbit will give you unique Workouts that are tailored to your fitness goals or pair you up with a fitness or wellness coach that will guide you through your weight loss eating habits and even weight training. Still, you don't need to get Fitbit premium to have access to a coach. There is an option within the watch that gives you access to quick workout routines that are free.

Now another super cool thing that Fitbit offers that the Apple watch doesn't. Is a coach so there is a coach living in your wrist, and it helps you with super quick workouts like a 10-minute ab workout or 15-minute chest routine there's also a Full-body seven-minute workout, and it shows you on screen what you should be doing there are little people in there that are doing positions, and It gives you times, and I think that's really nice for when you're on the go, and you don't have access to a gym You just put on you know, one of these workouts and you get your and your blood running

And now let's talk about some Aesthetic features the Versa to now only has one button on the left and an AMOLED screen Which if it means anything to you, that's deeper blacks and brighter colors.

 It's also water-resistant. So if you get it wet or you go for a swim, the watch will be perfectly fine. It also continues to have the touchable strap so you can make the watch your own I must say though that the mechanism that Fitbit uses to change the straps is one of the most complicated on this earth

So here's one thing I've never liked about the Fitbit, and it's the way you take-off of the bends. It's complicated
I mean taking them off is easy Or more straightforward than putting them on and this beautiful green band that I would love to use
But it's Hah, I get it one of them no need the other it argues
it's more challenging to put these on than opening a childproof pill bottle

No one comes to the price of Fitbit Versa 2 - will cost you
199 dollars which are half the price of the Apple watch series 4 which starts at three hundred and 49 dollars

There's also a special edition Versa - that costs two hundred and thirty dollars, and it includes a 90 day trial to Fitbit Premium and two additional watch straps now when it comes to deciding between the two smartwatches I'd say price is Definitely a factor to consider, but it also depends on what you're looking for 


if you want a full functioning SmartWatch, They got the Apple watch series for if you want a perfect fitness tracker Then the Versa - is the one for you as for me

if I ever wanted to go on a fitness or health journey or better track my sleeping habits
then I pick the Fitbit Versa -