Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Lenovo E1 smartwatch review

Lenovo E1 smartwatch review

Lenovo E1 smartwatch review
Lenovo E1 smartwatch review

Lenovo E1 smartwatch, which is one of the best budget smartwatches, but it is not a perfect product, but it can be perfect for you as long as you know what you are getting.

Lenovo E1 Smartwatch review.

In the box, you will get a link to download the app, the watch itself, the fantastic charging cable, and the user manual.

Now coming to the build and design of the Lenovo E1, I am a little surprised by how premium it looks. Lenovo E1 smartwatch doesn't look like a budget smartwatch. The casing is high-quality metal, and while the shape may look very similar to Apple Watch, there isn't much room to get creative with a rounded rectangle. 

The strap also looks and feels high quality, and you can remove it quickly with the quick release pins and replace them with many available options.

The strap is also very comfortable, and the design with some holes all around, too, lets your skin breathe, so even though your wrist may sweat a little when you're out in the sun, it's surprisingly wearable for long durations.

Coming to the screen, you have a 1.3 inch TFT screen with a 240x240 resolution, and the screen looks very sharp with its 255 Pixels per inch, even when you get reasonably close to it. The display has a decent size, and it's effortless to read, and the watch also allows you to read notifications from your phone, including phone calls, including phone calls that you can also reject, and all that is very readable
on this display.
Lenovo E1 smartwatch review
Lenovo E1 smartwatch review

The watch also has a handy notification. The LED lets you see if you have an unread the message, which isn't available with the fitness bands. The screen brightness you can be controlled, but I have to keep it on maximum as it isn't very bright for outdoors, but the sunlight visibility on this screen is surprisingly good.

Now, this screen isn't OLED, so the blacks aren't as dark as something like a Mi Band, but it is not very noticeable.
The colors on the screen aren't very saturated, but I don't mind that.

The watch offers your typical fitness features so that you can track your steps, calories, and distance. It has a heart rate sensor at back so you can measure and keep track of it in the Lenovo app, and you can also enable inactivity reminders so it will tell you to stand up if you're sitting for too long. It allows you to measure the timing of your workouts, and it has some other extras like stopwatch, and you can set alarms in the app and also use it to find the watch with its energetic vibration.

You also have a camera shutter control which lets you take pictures which can be very useful and you can also check out the weather in your city.

Now coming on the controls, this is going to be the most controversial part about this watch. when you even though this may look like a touchscreen, it doesn't touch-sensitive, and all you have is one single capacitive button to control everything, so the way it works is that you press it once to go to the next item in the menu and hold it to select that.

It works better than you would expect, and the added advantage is that the screen doesn't get blocked and doesn't get dirty from your fingers swiping on it, and the processor inside is fast enough to move through the menus.

But the only problem is that you cannot go back with this system, so if you want to go to the previous item, you'll have to press it repeatedly and complete around to reach it. It still works well, but with options like music control, which this watch has, it's not a very convenient system to use. It would have been much better if they added one single capacitive button and make going back, or selecting an item possible with it.

Lenovo E1 smartwatch review
Lenovo E1 smartwatch review
The watch does wake up when you raise your wrist, and it works well, so that's excellent, and you can also wake it up with the capacitive button on the front. The watch faces can also be customized, and one great feature that this watch has is that you can select your image and customize the options on it and use it as a watch face. This function makes it fun to customize your watch.

The battery life-the battery is180 mAh; it should last you for around ten days.the watch uses a Bluetooth 4.0; this version of Bluetooth connection needs a shallow energy connection.

 I am extremely impressed by charging the method that Lenovo is using at this price point. You have a magnetic charging attachment that sticks instantly to the back of the watch and allows you to charge it like one of the more expensive smartwatches, and this is way better than the way Mi Bands and Honor Bands charge.

The watch also has an IP67 rating, so you don't have to worry about water damage. So overall, at the price of around 40 US dollars or 3000 Indian Rs. I think that the Lenovo E1 watch is worth it.

Now my use for a smartwatch is to check the time, check my notifications and messages, and the only health option I find relevant Is the step count. So this watch works well in all those areas. If I compare it with Mi Band or Honor Band, I think that if you don't need features like an excellent music control interface, and you don't mind the single button control, this can be a better choice. It also offers some extras like the camera shutter button.

but we need the form factor more than the fitness bands, because it looks and feels like a premium product, and offers a much bigger and usable screen to read your notifications, and the charging method is also excellent.

So I'll have links to buy this smartwatch in the article, let me know your thoughts about it in the comments section below.